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Fifty Shades of Green on the Road Trip


Over the weekend, my husband and I took off on the road once again, something we love to do. And I don’t think I have left any single stone un-turned about proclaiming our love for road trips. We can’t really help it, can we? Considering that the United States is a beautiful country specifically made for long road trips. One can travel the length and breadth of the country by road, the highways are so amazing. All you need is a decent car which is in good shape and won’t give you any trouble. Be nice to her and I am sure she will be nice to you as well.

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So this time it was back to pavilion (a phrase we Indians who are crazy about the game of Cricket love to use) – which essentially means that we went on the same road that we have traveled numerous times already. To Tennessee! The Isha Foundation Ashram in Mcminnville summons us all the time and that is a place where we love to go. After going through the hustle and bustle of a busy life, it becomes necessary to cleanse the soul and reinvigorate the body and mind. What better way than to visit your Guru’s abode? Our spiritual Guru – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has started the Isha Foundation Ashram right here in the US too and it is in the greenest expanse of land that I have ever witnessed. The greenery in and around the ashram area is like soul-food. Not only does one feel the much needed tranquility and peace within the ashram premises in the meditation center, but also in the beauty of the entire place.

The ashram needs another post in detail, especially for those who are spiritually inclined. But what I really wanted to share today is the happiness and joy that we experienced during the drive to Tennessee. It takes us about 3.5 hours to reach the ashram – point to point, from our house. Not only is the drive one of the most scenic ones I’ve been on in the US, but also amazingly green. No exaggeration, I think we spotted over fifty shades of the color green during the entire drive. You name it and the shade was present and smiling back at you. I am not even sure if I would be able to be able to recall the name of each shade except the common ones like olive, emerald, sea green, teal, turquoise, lime, mint, neon and jade (some of them I know because of my love for precious and semi-precious stones… oh well… the perks of being a ‘normal’ girl who loves stone-studded jewelry). The lightness, brightness, tints, hues and shades made the same color (albeit in different variations) look so gorgeous in its various forms.

Every small patch of trees through the city had countless shades of green which looked exquisite against the sunny clear blue skies. But the real fun started when we were out of the city and the ‘real’ green patch and forest areas commenced. The mountains also start showing up once you enter the state of Tennessee. And then the whole region transforms into paradise. So many different types of greens amidst the tender, sprouting, leafy, lush, tall and small verduous acres! Acres and acres of the color green. With the summers now in full swing, the numerous miles have heralded the call of the new season by turning over their brown coat and switching over to a brand new green one. The trees and plants are prospering and blossoming, and it is a sheer delight, not just for the eyes but for the soul too.

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For some, this may be a very common thing to experience. But for me, it is almost a raison d’être, for I cannot think of the Earth without such blooming greens. A lot of my passion for the greens also stems from my favorite hobby – gardening. Seeing the seeds you planted blossom into trees is pure bliss – similar to that of motherhood. And seeing the same marvel in the wilderness is ecstasy raised to infinity; for it showcases the wonder of creation, of the super power that exists and is responsible for the balance that these beautiful greens bring to our planet. While driving through I cannot stop ‘aah-ing’ and ‘ooh-ing’ when I see colors other than the greens too! The flowers, suddenly in the middle of nowhere lend such fascinating glamour to the forest areas. The elegance, charm and artistry of it all is mesmerizing and holds one spellbound. I have no words to express the level of happiness I derive by merely witnessing such vert labyrinths.

Pictures? Nope, none taken during this drive and consciously so; though I was sure I would write about this. I thought it would be such a waste of time to experience such beauty from behind the lens, when one needs to experience it first-hand with the naked eye. A lot of times people who consider themselves ‘travel bloggers’ have this compulsion to click pictures to ‘show’ and ‘tell’ about a place visited. I love clicking pictures too, but when I reach nirvana this way, I prefer making a humble attempt of creating a picture in people’s minds just with my words. For what better way for a story-teller to paint a picture than weave a beautiful string of words together?

Have you ever been on a drive where you were mesmerized with the surrounding natural beauty and did not find it necessary to be behind the lens the whole time? Do tell me about it, for I’d love to visualize that image in my mind too.

Love, Archie

P.S. – Tennessee is an incredibly beautiful state; it is also home to my favorite Smoky Mountains. Don’t miss an opportunity to do a road trip through this wonderful state.

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  • Thanks for sharing, you actually created a picture by your words.

    • Welcome to #TravelwithArchie Vikas…
      Am glad you think so… thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi Archana, I expected more pictures on the article, because of the title, but found only one picture. However, your content bring the scene in front of me.

  • i b arora

    but why only one pic?

    • Hi Aroraji – that was the whole point… I didn’t want to waste time clicking… I just wanted to enjoy the vistas and the scenes, the myriad hues of green; and then paint a picture for my readers with my words… 🙂 Cheers and thank you so much for reading 🙂

      • I am also missing the other shades of greens in terms of visuals 🙂 . Your posts are very inspiring. Wish you guys lot of such road trips and exciting time ahead !

        • And your words are very encouraging and mean a lot to me Vijay… thank you.
          Like you read, for this one, I wanted to paint the canvas with the different shades of green just with my words… but guess what… summer is here and so are the blooms, so lots of pictures coming soon… 🙂 I’ve been very lazy about writing a lot of travelogues… but you’ll see them soon… and I promise they will be a visual treat! Thanks once again for all your good wishes… 🙂 Cheers!

  • mithun malakar

    We also love our car and we also love the potholes on roads.The digital world is taking us away from the experience of enjoying nature through our eyes as most of the times we see it through our phone camera.
    By this blog anyone could easily understand that how the most developed nation
    keeps his balance with Mother Nature.

    • And that’s exactly what I aim to avoid Mithun… I have reached a pint where I want to enjoy the beauty with my own eyes and not borrowed lenses. I thought about this a great deal… I have visited so many places around the world and yet, so few memories in terms of actual experiences… now I want to live every experience to the fullest 🙂 And luckily this country gives us a lot of such opportunities… 🙂
      Thanks much for reading and for your lovely comment…

  • Road trips are great. And even greater when driving through green fields on either side.

    • Oh yes, I so agree… Desh and I love roadtripping especially in the summers when the color green overtakes every other color 🙂 Thanks Kishor 🙂

  • The sight of Green is mesmerizing, just one picture says it all.

    – xoxo – C – Style.. A Pastiche!

    • Oh yea, you bet Chaithra… but I want to take it to a point where even that one picture isn’t necessary… only words suffice 😉 Thanks dearie… happy to see you on #TravelwithArchie 🙂

  • U K

    Mast mast mast…:)

  • I wanted more clicks! But saw it through your words 🙂

    • Hey Divsi, that makes me feel so good. Thanks much my dear 🙂

  • Thanks for the post. Waiting for more pics 🙂


    • He Rupam, the day I feel less lazy you will see a lot more pictures along with the write-up I promise :-p
      Thank you so much 🙂

  • Easwar Arumugam

    I agree. It’s always pleasant to take road travel in US. Years back I and my daughter traveled from LA to San Francisgo by a car. The memory of the trip still lingers.

    • Hello sir. thank you for reading and sharing your memorable moment with me. I am sure it must have been a great experience 🙂 Cheers!

  • sreedhar Bhattaram

    A nice Presentation.. We have seen similar colors as we travelled from SFO to Lake Taho with paddy fields on both sides.. Thanks for sharing the Post, Archana.. A Jewel amidst Travel Blog Posts!

    • Thank you so much Sreedhar sir… I am thoroughly enjoying the string of compliments. They have made my otherwise dull and rainy day here in Atlanta rather bright.
      I am so happy you liked the presentation. I’ve heard so much about Lake Tahoe and hope to visit it son 🙂 Cheers sir!

  • Great images. You really have the power of words. Visually evocative. As a retired professional photographer (and journalist), I learnt that those images can limit what we see. Sometimes B&W was better than colour.

    • Thank you so much Roland… that compliment absolutely makes my day extra special 🙂
      I love monochrome and some day I hope to be known as a great monochrome photographer… just one of those aspirations you know 🙂
      PS – Yes, the images can be very limiting, and I’ve learnt that the hard way!

  • I am incredibly biased to pictures so I actually end up seeing a lot of things through the lens! But the urge to change has not kicked in, at least not yet! And yes I too consider myself a travel blogger 😀

    • Hahaha… I know and there’s no doubt about that madam! But to each his own. I have reached a stage where a lot of times I actually don’t feel the temptation of clicking pictures… I am happy just to be in the moment and enjoy.. Nothing wrong with either school of thought…
      Thanks for reading Mridula 🙂

  • Beautiful

  • Anupam Chakraborty

    How well you have created the scene of your journey before us! Well written, Archana! But I am too a travel blogger and love to support my words with pictures 😀

  • Purba Chakraborty

    wow! I could clearly picture the place. Sometimes, when I am in a mesmerizing and calm place, I also let go of my camera and just absorb the aura of the place. Kind of nirvana. Truly said! 🙂

  • Priyanka

    Wonderful read, and you did manage to paint a picture in my head. Well, I do take a lot of pictures on my roadtrips, but then we also stop the car and get out in the open if the place is beautiful. I eprsonally enjoy driving through the state of Goa, on every random road that beckons and leads off into a remote village! 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    very beautifully penned .
    btw,I have never been on drive and enjoyed the green nature but whenever i travel by train i always like to stand in the gate to feel,to watch, to see and to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

  • Wow.
    Fifty Shades of Green on the Road Trip.Must be a lovely experience.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • What a calm and serene place 🙂 Loved the article

  • Aniruddha Shrivastava

    Nice article and yeah more pics please 🙂

  • Divya Deepak Rao

    The title alone was enough to get me hooked on to this article! Amazing! Greens do have a way of calming don’t they?

  • There are so many stunning places to see in USA … I miss States …:( and ya was expecting a post full of stunning images …;)


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