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A to Z of America: Round-Up

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Hello folks! After a much needed break, I am back. My sincere apologies for being away for nearly ten days without notice; after the A to Z Blogging Challenge for my chosen topic on 26 cities of America ended on April 30th, but I have been under the weather, and severely so… and been recuperating the past few days. Hence the break! But now, I am happy to announce that I am back in business and will be flooding you with my travel stories, reviews on attractions, hotels and places to visit and some more exciting stuff!

About A to Z

The month of April was strenuous because of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, but it was truly a delight to participate in it. I was very excited after I zeroed upon the topic. As someone who loves traveling and blogging, writing travelogues, travel stories, travel adventures about wonderful attractions to visit in the places I have traveled to, is a really simple task. But writing concept posts especially about places I have not visited was no mean task. It took hours of reading, research, selection of appropriate information and photographs to come up with something meaningful about the place, such that readers enjoy it too. Choosing the right pictures were a complete delight because it was fun to go through the work of some amazing photographers and artists across the globe, who have managed to capture the essence of a place in their lens, and beautifully so.

It took me a back-breaking 5 – 7 hours to write down about every single city that I have blogged about during the challenge. It was challenging, but not only was it intellectually stimulating, but also very motivating, because I want to visit those very places with my husband now. Out of the 26 cities that I wrote about I have visited 16 and aspire to visit the rest at the earliest.  (The bucket list of cities to visit keeps increasing by leaps and bounds). But most of all, the month of April and the blogging challenge was amazing due to all my readers. The encouragement, support, and love in terms of reading, commenting, giving feedback and sharing my posts was truly overwhelming. And I must admit that there were a few times when I wanted to let go also due to being completely under the weather, I was absolutely guilty about falling short of the expectations of all my wonderful readers. So yes, that fear also kept me going. Besides where there is a will there is a way.

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Here’s a big thank you to the hosts of the A to Z Blogging Challenge for coming up with such a brilliant idea, to all my readers for the constant support though my Travel Blog is just about three months old, and to my beloved husband for being the sport that he is and supporting me throughout the challenge, by motivating me to do better with every post.

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  • A to Z of America: Round-Up

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