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Do you cook during your travels?

I was never a fan of cooking. In fact I don’t think I had great cooking skills ever. Funny that I only started some serious cooking after I got married and moved to the United States. It’s not that I started cooking because I didn’t have a choice. My husband is an amazing cook, but what the heck, since he is a foodie and the way to man’s heart is through his stomach; I decided that I would give it a ‘serious’ shot. And surprisingly, it turned into a new skill I could boast of. I learnt to cook a lot of new dishes, though of course I still stick to Indian cuisines. Thus, with my newly acquired skill started my tryst of getting the best designs for my kitchen and doing up my kitchen well. Luckily for me, the kitchen at home is really big and allows my husband and me to do a lot of playing around. But guess what my latest obsession is?

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I think you got it right! Cooking even while we travel, and boy we do travel a lot – my husband and I. When I wasn’t married, I traveled solo and often did many trips with my family. But we never got down to cooking meals for ourselves then (and me alone? never ever!!). During solo travels, all I would do is make tea for myself if the equipment was available in my hotel room; that too purely because I just couldn’t get out of bed and start my day without my morning tea. Of course, if the coffee pot wasn’t available, I would resort to the good old room service. But to be honest, the lazy me (who totally disliked cooking then) would never ever even dream of cooking while traveling. ‘What a waste of time that would be”, was what I thought then. But now of course, since I kind of like cooking and experimenting with spices and coming up with new stuff, life is a lot more different.

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We usually go on road trips in the United States, because there is so much to see and do here, and we really love our road trips. Not only do our road trips mean that we are our own decision makers and can travel at our whim, but it also means that we can carry whatever we like. And that of course includes food as well. So our latest passion is to cook during our travel adventures too, and surprisingly I don’t see that as a waste of my time during travels any more (So much for the love of it… sigh…). And that’s why these days more than just booking a hotel room, we love booking either studios which have kitchenettes or condos which have a fully stocked kitchen. Trust me, life becomes more exciting, and love life… Oh! Let me not get started on that one 🙂

Recently, when we went to Myrtle Beach for our vacation, we stayed at am amazing resort  called Myrtlewood Villas, where we booked ourselves in a beautiful one bedroom suite by the lake; and it had an amazing kitchen which gave us the feeling that we were at home even during a vacation. We had breakfast in the suite every morning (thanks to our stock of bread, butter, jams, Indian style ready-to-make tea, biscuits etc etc – the list is endless), and we cooked one meal a day – either lunch or dinner depending upon our travel plan. This activity kind of boosted our trip and also rejuvenated our relationship in a wonderful manner. It’s fun to cook at home, but it is amazing to cook together during a vacation. Kind of rekindles the old romance. Have you ever tried it?

Here are some of my favorite styles:

Puria residence : Minimalist kitchen by The Ashleys

Granite tops and wooden shelves – Courtesy –

Kitchen view : Modern kitchen by KREATIVE HOUSE

Love the grays here… Courtesy –

Kitchen with Breakfast Counter : Classic style kitchen by KREATIVE HOUSE

The classy look – Courtesy –

Love, Archie
Featured Image: Flickr

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  • Atulmaharaj

    Who wouldn’t love to cook if you have such a beautiful kitchen ! 😉 I learn local dishes and try to cook if possible.

  • We like studio apartments with kitchenette while travelling too.I cook for my 4 year old myself.When she eats better ,we travel better

  • Nischita Babu

    such beautiful kitchen .. no I dint cook while travelling 🙂 I become so lazy while travelling 🙂

    Nischita |

  • Usually on my travel trips, I don’t like to cook food because this is my only time when can I feel relax from my daily working schedule. But yes I can try, If I got this kind of resorts in my travelling trips…

  • Travel Lushes

    Ironically I hate cooking at home, but I like cooking abroad sometimes! It’s fun to experience cooking the local delights of a destination I’m visiting.


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