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Pretty Petronas

The daunting and imposing Petronas Towers

The daunting and imposing Petronas Towers

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One could argue about the use of the word ‘pretty’ for such a magnificent, imposing and intimidating structure. Errr… structures! But tell me, don’t the Towers make for a pretty sight? I have been fascinated and enthralled by the Petronas and hoped to witness their beauty sooner. Luckily for me, I had to attend an office conference in KL, and guess what… joy knew no bounds!

They say when HE starts giving you, the gifts break the roof and enter your house. That’s what happened to me during my Malaysia trip. First of all an all-paid trip, to attend a conference on Learning & Development (in which I also won the award for the Best Presenter in Asia-Pacific… oh yea, just showing off!!), and the icing on the cake – we stayed at the Renaissance which was at a stone’s throw from the Petronas…. and guess what… saving the best for the last… I could see the Towers from my room window. Almost felt like the french windows in my room were meant to show-case the formidable Petronas.

No exaggeration – I visited the Petronas every single day that I was in KL, even if I got back to the hotel very late after the day’s conference. My love for beautiful structures is not a hidden story at all and the Petronas Towers make my heart skip many beats. Perhaps I may have seen pictures earlier, but I took real notice of the Towers in Sean Connery and Catherine-Zeta Jones’ film ‘Entrapment’. Now, think about it, Sir Sean in a movie that had Catherine as the lead and they made merry in such a wonderful place. How could one not stop in her tracks? Okay! ‘nuf said I guess. Moral of the story – I love the Petronas Towers. They are an enthralling beauty, a prettier sight by the night with all those shimmering lights and an architect’s delight! Long live The Petronas!

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Love, Archie

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  • Nischita Babu

    Lovely pics Archie … Your pictures are tempting me to travel 🙂

  • Lance Kerwin

    The Petronas towers has a fascinating architecture. I visited the place in late 2014. A great way to get a good view of Kuala Lumpur:)

  • Vishu Saumya

    Beautiful capture. Looking forward to visit Petronas Tower in my next trip to KL.


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