Singing on the waterfront
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Music is my escape

Singing on the waterfront in HK

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Many people feel the need to escape once in a while. It may not be that they are running away from something, just that at times one needs to be! There are myriad escape routes that people take, the most common one that I have seen is music.

Desh and I were on our honeymoon in Hong Kong. When we were walking by the waterfront in Kowloon we spotted this small band. Looked like college-goers who were out there to appease the tourists and make an extra buck and display their passion as well. This guy played the guitar so well and sang so soulfully that we were glued to the ground and didn’t move from that place until he finished his song. It was a great break, an amazing escape.

I really appreciate how musicians and singers take to the road and display their talents there. I love their guts. They don’t really care what people think, in what light they will be seen or whether this is the right place and environment for their performance. They just play and sing their hearts out like there is no tomorrow. I’ve seen a lot of such performances especially on the streets of European cities. It is a treat for the eyes, ears and the soul.

Have you ever experienced such enthralling live performances?

Love, Archie

One who is born with wings has many stories to tell. I was a born wayfaring story-teller! But then, how does a chirpy story-teller who also has wings on her back and wheels on her feet find a colossal audience to recount those sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes eccentric encounters. I realised there was no other way I could narrate my tales to the world unless i started penning them down in black and white. That's how TravelwithArchie was born. I love calling myself a vagabond! One who dreams about places and then travels there to see how they look in the real world. Come, borrow my wings for a while and see the world with my lens!

  • I agree. It takes a lot of courage to perform on the streets. They are indeed a treat. 🙂

  • As I always say Music is magic. Yes, I have seen a lot of bands (not the bigshots, I mean simple college bands) perform. I myself was part of my college band. It’s really a great feeling to someone perform good. It’s much more fun than listening to the same song on media.

  • I too admire their talent.

  • Amazing! It’s indeed a treat to watch such lovely music performances on the streets 🙂

  • Music is truly an escape from humdrum and stress of life…and being part of a live performance is thrilling. Great post Archie 🙂 and this new site is great too. Kudos, girlie!

  • I too quite admire people who can take their talents to the street! On another note I like the comment format on the other blog much better. What do you say?

  • Music is a great healer. I have never been to any live event. May be one day.

  • I think I have seen some performances, but can’t remember much 🙂

  • I’ve seen such bands/groups showcasing their talent on streets! There are times when Music is my escape too.

  • Oh yes! I have a couple of times at Singapore. Especially at Orchard Road or at the Cathy at Dhoby Ghaut. Music just brightens my day 🙂

  • Indeed a great source of admiration 🙂

  • Music is indeed an escape from stressful situations. And regarding commenting format, I agree with Mridula.

  • It’s all about the passion for the art. I have seen such street musicians in India. They have the talent to keep people spellbound.

  • I agree with you.

  • “when you play, just forget about the world”…this is what i have learn from my Guru. its very tough to follow this.
    i really appreciate their courage.

  • Jyothi D\’mello

    My nephew is brilliant at playing guitar and with a group of friends they are building up their own band. This picture reminded me so much of him. 🙂

  • Aniruddha

    Agree, music is magical, it is therapeutic.

  • Joseph Humphreys

    Everyone loves music – it can move you in ways no other form of art can 🙂

  • I agree with you Archie. Music is enchanting. Singing on streets is really a daring work and I also appreciate it. According to me a person has to bring out his talent in any way or place either it is a stage performance or street.

  • Vyjay Rao

    What a nice setting for some soul stirring music. I remember a small boy on the streets of Rome who made such wonderful music, that it wrenched your heart.

  • Love the succinct storytelling here. No extra fluff! I attend many live music performances at home, and enjoy watching street musicians as well.

  • Journal of Nomads

    I experienced a beautiful street music performance once, when I was in a bad place and it cheered me up so much! I was feeling lonely and had an emotionally hard time when I was in London. I was sitting on a bench when not far from me a girl started to play her guitar and sang some very touching songs. It was healing my soul and after her performance I felt so much better!

  • I have experienced quite a few of them in Europe , especially South Bank, London. These guys are so talented and I feel strange – happy to see them and a strange sadness, as I feel like I want to help them and can’t.

  • Travel Lushes

    Yes I have! Some of my favorite travel moments are when I’m just walking down the street of city and I run into someone playing live music.


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