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Hello Dolphins: Safari World, Bangkok

One would wonder whether Bangkok could make a great family vacation destination, along with children. For us and the kids in tow the whole vacation was a ‘wow’ thanks to the word ‘Dolphins’. While planning the itinerary we had to take extra care because of two naughty girls – my nieces who were traveling with us. Considering it was their first vacation out of the country, they were very excited and we decided to make it an ‘aha’ moment for them right from the word go; and the dolphins at Safari World it was going to be. They were very excited and we were hoping that the show turns out as good as it claimed to be.

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The first day of our vacation was spent at the Safari World. The place is divided into two – Marine Park and Safari Park and it is nobody’s guess where we were headed first. The Marine Park turned out to be an amazing place that houses a vast spectrum of animals of land, sea and air. While there are many attractions there like the Jungle Cruise river ride, a water flume ride through the jungles of Africa and Asia, 7 exciting shows daily, spectacular Spy War action stunts, water skiing, Hollywood cowboy stunts, birds, orang-utan boxing, and sea lions, hundreds of exhibits featuring white tigers, fantasy carp garden, tapir kingdom, crocodile garden and many more; our main point of interest was the dolphin show.

As we entered the show area and took our seats, there was a crazy amount of excitement in the air. To be honest, while we did see a lot of children there, I think they were outnumbered by the sheer numbers of adults present. I guess the appeal value of our friends – the dolphins, cuts across all ages, isn’t it? And as the show started… the roars from the crowds were deafening. I have been a great fan of dolphins and in fact have also been part of an esteemed scientific expedition across the Mediterranean Sea studying Spanish dolphins many many years back. You could read about it here. And so it was no small wonder that along with the sweet voices of my nieces yelling away on seeing them do flips in the air, I heard mine too!

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The show was everything that one would expect from dolphins. One does have great expectations from those lovely looking, always smiling aquatic marine mammals. They have very well-developed hearing which is adapted for both air and water, such that some can survive even if they are blind. No wonder as the cheering of the crowds grew louder and louder, the smiles on the dolphin faces were even more exuberant; we could feel their smiles and happiness. It is such a wonder that these wonderful beings love being with us humans so much.

They did it all to make us blissful. Somersaulting in mid-air, tossing balls with their fins, deep diving and suddenly appearing at the other end, allowing the divers to ride on their back while they did their underwater swim, kissing the brave ones who went forward, singing in a chorus! You name it and you got it. Their effortless mastery of the most difficult tricks makes one wonder where these creatures come from. They manage to captivate their audience each time, every time. Graceful, swift, intelligent, fun-loving… the list of adjectives for them is endless. I’ve seen the dolphin show at Sentosa Island in Singapore too, but this one was far better. At the end of it we were all happy Samaritans.

Here are some of the pictures that I managed to click despite being enthralled and not touching the camera for most part of the show.

Dolphins - Safari World

Dolphins - Safari World

Dolphins - Safari World

Do you like dolphins? Have you ever had a tete-a-tete with them? Do tell me about it.

Love, Archie
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  • I have swam with the dolphins in a lagoon in the Bahamas as these were free creatures who came at will. But I am no longer in favour of waterlife parks as it has been proven that they are not in the best interest of the animals/sea life. Which is why parks like Sea World will no longer be offering Killer Whale shows. Not sure if they’ve ended the dolphin shows as well.

  • These are not happy animals and they are definitely smiling. And regarding their hearing I just want to quote this:

    Orcas and other dolphins navigate by echolocation, but in pools, the reverberations from their own sonar bounce off the walls, which can drive them insane. World-renowned oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau compared the keeping of orcas in tanks to “a person being blindfolded in a jail cell.”

    Whole article can be found here:

    While I truly understand the fascination especially for children there are so many more animal friendly ways to engage with marine animals. If you are already in Thailand – take them for a dive or a snorkel!

  • I’ve never swam with dolphins, but it seems like a very cool experience. Of course, it’s important that the dolphins are treated properly, which I unfortunately don’t believe is the case with many waterlife parks 🙁

  • I never had this experience and would love to, but thinking of the cruelty of the act.

  • Bangkok is a great place to visit. It looks like a lot of fun Archana..

  • It makes me so sad to seem them being made to perform tricks like this, when they should be swimming in the ocean, wild and free 🙁 I hope that in the future, we can teach our children that we should respect all life and not keep animals as prisoners.

  • I too recently saw the dolphin show at Singapore. It was just lovely to see the dolphins at play. Such cute creatures.

  • Karla Ramos

    I really love dolphins and dolphin shows. Recently, I went to a province here in the Philippines, we saw dolphins out in the wild. It was so much better, but I would also enjoy shows like this, I’m just saying that it is so much better in the wild.

  • I remember this being even better than the one on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Totally loved the Animal world in Thailand. Lovely captures of the show. 🙂

  • Wish to visit this exciting place! Lovely read Archie… 🙂

  • Major wanderlust happening after reading this, Archana!

  • Cai

    I super love dolphins and only saw them on their natural habitat. I’m sure I will enjoy watching them giving a smart show!

  • Lili’s travel plans

    It makes me very sad to read this… Animals are not tourist attractions, they’re not supposed to perform tricks for a bunch of tourists, they belong in their natural habitat. I think it’s horrible how far we think we are allowed to go for our own entertainment. There’s so many places where we can see animals in the wild, without disturbing and mistreating them, I think that’s what we should teach our children.

  • Anjali Sengar

    Aww! They are so cute.. Will love to visit this place Archie 🙂

  • Simran Kaur

    Dolphins are my favourite, too 😀
    So well described the dolphin venture…beautiful clicks, Archie!

  • I love the dolphins. 🙂 Great description, and amazing shots.

  • I find dolphins really cute! I would love to visit this someday! Awesome pictures 🙂

  • Agree with Doreen. We all need to think over. Dolphins are our favourites too. We have seen them in wild. We highly recommend that experience.

  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    There’s something so affable about them. That must be a fun filled time.

  • Anupam Chakraborty

    They are so cute! What a lovely pics!

  • Rashmi Gopal Rao

    Wow; sounds like so much fun!

  • The pictures are so cool Archie! and the dophins are so adorable!!! ^_^ Had seen Irravady Dolphins in Chilika Lake long time ago and can imagine how amazing this experience would have been.

  • Pooja Bhatt

    Hi Archie, Lovely Post and Pics !! I will love to have a Selfie with them 🙂

  • That’s something all kids really enjoy right? We find ourselves turning into kids while watching these playful dolphins. I’m sure it was an experience your nieces would never ever forget. 🙂

    Nice pics, Archie.

    I should come back and read more posts on this blog. I’ll come by soon, ok. Have a good day.

  • Priyanka

    How cute :*

  • I love dolphins… so cute ^_^

  • bushra

    Wow! Must have been an out of this world experience! 😀

  • Rajesh

    Very nice.

  • It is no doubt a nice place, for children too. After all, flora and fauna fascinate children more than adults. Dolphin show was nice, and so were other shows.

  • Abeesh Thomas

    will try this place if i visit Bangkok…Great pics !

  • The experience must have been amazing.

  • Jyothi D’mello

    I had wonderful experience watching Dolphins in Goa. We were on a boat ride early morning and there were those gorgeous Dolphins swimming and jumping in the sea. It was quite a sight 🙂

  • sreedhar Bhattaram

    A similar Show we witnessed in Singapore.. Very interesting.. Well narrated, Archana depicting the ever existing human Dolphin affinity!

  • Kala Ravi

    Hi Archie, I’d been there too! Fantastic place and show! Your description and pics do full justice to the place!
    Cheers 🙂

    @KalaRavi16 from


  • Aniruddha Shrivastava

    Have watched Dolphins in Goa but nothing like shown in the images would love to visit Bangkok.

  • 2TravelDads

    Every time I read a positive review of a dolphin experience I get sad. Just like gawking at big cats in a zoo, encouraging and supporting a dolphin show is not kind. It’s tricky, as the dolphins always seem like they’re so happy, but just as any dolphin trainer will tell you or any scientist will confirm, dolphins have extremely developed brains that are exceptionally cognizant of their world and surroundings. Additionally, very few performing dolphins are rescues, but actually captured for the purpose of the entertainment and tourism industry. This makes supporting the show supporting the poaching. It’s a sad, viscous circle.


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