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Alligator at Myrtlewood Villas
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Intimate Encounters: The Alligator at Myrtle Beach

Am going to take you on a quick visual tour; so while you read this, please pretend (at least try) that your eyes are closed while you visualize what I am saying, and it’s me who is reading this aloud for you:

Just imagine, it’s been a while since you went on a vacation with your spouse. So you make the perfect plan and pack your bags to go to that romantic, enticing and beautiful beach city that you’ve always wanted to go to (with your significant other in tow). You get into your SUV and drive an amazing distance of 6 hours with just one pit-stop for a quick lunch! Your aim is to get to the place as quickly as possible, after all.

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Now, can life get any better. This time you decide that hotels are passé and you will stray… oops, stay at a Condo instead. So after a spectacular 6 hour drive you land straight into a Golf Course Resort. At first the place looks normal. I mean nice, but you are still apprehensive and anxious to see what’s in store, remember while you didn’t say it, but the ‘x’th honeymoon was on your mind when you planned on going to such an ‘avant-garde’ kinda place! You check in and you realize your one bedroom suite is on the ground level. Ummm, exciting! You get in with your bag, baggage and spouse, and are happy with what you see. The bedroom looks deliciously comfortable, the bathroom is just the way you like it; you walk out and then see the kitchen. “Nice” exclaim you and your better half. Keep walking and the living room appears. It is beautifully laid, and then the ‘eureka’ moment. The french doors!!! Yipee… You can’t hold back your excitement now…

The french doors open straight into the lawn after the one and a half foot long concrete patio that houses two chairs to enjoy your morning beverage. Shrubs on either side and you walk barefoot into the beautiful green lawn. And then just ten feet out of that sliding door you just opened and stepped onto the lawn (yep, just about ten feet away) you reach the lake (you get the picture right??). You take wee steps on the lawn, slowly and steadily, admiring the golf course on the other side of the lake, the trees, the greenery, the beauty. “How fascinating” you tell yourself and look towards your spouse who is just two feet behind you, with an eager smile on your face. When you look at him, he doesn’t return the smile. Instead he has those scary eyes and a shocked expression which just stops short of shouting. I follow his gaze and feel two big eyes on me, all of a sudden. You know, your husband’s gaze as well as your sixth sense tells you where to look, straight at the lake! And guess who’s staring at you… A three feet long ALLIGATOR!!! OMG! Cute! Okay!

The stone-faced alligator at Myrtlewood Villas

The stone-faced alligator at Myrtlewood Villas


But here? I mean, my suite is just ten measured counts away. Make that feet! The cutie-pie can just walk up and land straight into the living room. Perhaps to break bread with us, or if he (I just assumed) wasn’t in the mood, perhaps for a cuppa. Oh well! Intimate encounter indeed. But, I do call this utter bliss… What more could we ask for? In nature’s lap (thankfully not into the alligator’s though).

Here’s a picture of my husband sitting on the little patio outside the french doors, to give you a glimpse of what I just read aloud to you 🙂

My husband Desh with his morning tea right outside our the infamous 'french doors' :-)

My husband Desh with his morning tea right outside our the infamous ‘french doors’ 🙂


While traveling, one does go through a lot of queer, interesting and sometimes scary adventures. Do you have a similar story to share? I’d love to hear!

Love, Archie

P.S. We ensured that we closed the sliding door right behind us after we took this picture… Sometimes ‘cute’ friends are better off outside, right? 😂

P.S.2: We were at Myrtle Beach and stayed at the Myrtlewood Villas. Lots of detailed posts coming up soon!

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