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Colosseum at Fisherman's Wharf
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The Colosseum at Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau

Macau became a must-do destination for my husband and I when we planned our Hong Kong trip for our Honeymoon. Being someone who loves Casino destinations, Macau was an obvious addition to the trip. Though the truth is we stepped into a Casino only as ‘spectators’ when we were at The Venetian in Macau. We had decided not to gamble because there was so much more to do, even if that just meant chilling for hours by the pool. That’s what Honeymoons are made of, after all.

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The Colosseum in Macau

We were in for a surprise in Macau. To be honest, it wasn’t really an easy going destination for us vegetarians, because food did become an issue for us initially, till we walked and dropped straight into a Pizza Hut at the most happening center in the city. Thank god for such oases, else we would have really had a tough time. And obviously so, every day we were on the lookout for good vegetarian eateries, preferably India. And that’s how one day we stumbled upon ‘Rome in Macau.’ Someone at the hotel that we stayed at suggested a restaurant called ‘Taste of India’ at Fisherman’s Wharf there. At that time, the idea of Fisherman’s Wharf excited us more than the Indian restaurant. e didn’t know what was in store for us then. And this is what we saw and smiled the same satisfied smile when one sees the ‘Mighty Colosseum’ in Rome.

The die-hard romantics at the replica of the Colosseum in Macau

The die-hard romantics at the replica of the Colosseum in Macau

The result? As you can see – we said, “Let’s spend some time here and click pictures, we can eat after some time.” So typical of us! And why not, it was a beautiful evening, the mood lightning there was so divine that it made the whole place look absolutely stunning. We really couldn’t help but click pictures with the replica of the Colosseum.

For the uninitiated, the Fisherman’s Wharf is a waterfront integrated, hotel, convention, dining, retail and entertainment complex. It is located at Freguesia da Sé in Macau Peninsula, near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier and a 15-minute ride to the Macau International Airport. What I am referring to here as the replica is the Roman Amphitheatre, an outdoor Colosseum equipped with 2,000 seats, designed as a venue for concerts and other performances. The place sure is a super hit, and a visit to Macau would be incomplete without visiting this beautiful place, especially in the evening.

And the crazy lovey-dovey couple that we are, we couldn’t help but click in every romantic pose that evening. As you will see… right here… 🙂

Us at Macau - Fisherman's Wharf

Us at Macau – Fisherman’s Wharf


And, and it's us again.... :-)

And, and it’s us again…. :-)


And this is how beautiful the place looks… Finally a clearer picture of the monument… (or so I think it is!!)…


Colosseum at the Fisherman's Wharf in Macau

Colosseum at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’d love to call it part of my oncoming Monument Series, but nope, this is just a replica (in my words) and the real one is coming really soon…. 🙂

Love, Archie

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