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Travel with Archie - Monument Series
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Monument Series: Architectural Excellence across the Globe


People who know me really well: read: family, friends and the blogging fraternity, know my innate and crazy love for the word monument and for all those wonderful structures that go by that name. In fact the headboard of my very own beloved travel blog – has all my favorite monuments on it. So it isn’t really a very big secret after all. Not only are these monuments a marvel of architectural practices during various eras, but they are a part of history. Each has a story of its own; each is a living being in its own way. I can’t help but wonder at the genius minds who designed and executed such incredible structures all over the world.

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Calling such architectural sensations a ‘wonder of the world’ is the most appropriate title one can ever give them. Whether you talk about the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Colosseum in Rome, the Petronas in Malaysia, the Washington Monument in the United States, the list is endless. I am lucky to have had the pleasure of visiting so many of them over the past decade.

And since I love making announcements, am letting the cat out of the bag. I am embarking on a new journey after having completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge in which I did concept posts on 26 American cities in the A to Z of America series. It’s time to move on to a new and even more challenging series of travel posts, and this time it is about something I am very passionate about. It’s called the Monument Series. One by one I will take you on my adventure journeys of how I stumbled upon the most stunning monuments of the world – sometime knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, a bit about their history – when, why and how, the making of the structures, my own story about them and their beauty through the pictures I have clicked. Do keep watching this space, for the excitement has just begun!

Oh yes, before I forget, this is a very special month for me. It is my birthday month, so we are going to do all things special, including this electrifying and eye-popping series. There’s a lot in store this month, so do stay tuned.

Love, Archie

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