About Me

Hello! I am Archana. My family and friends call me Archie and I really like my nickname.

I am an Indian, now settled in the United States.

Archie in Dubai Desert

Archie in Dubai Desert

People say that I was born with wings on my back and wheels on my feet. My wanderlust started as a kid, and once I started traveling, I never stopped! Isn’t it obvious that one who is born with wings has many stories to tell? I was a born wayfaring, dramatic and passionate story-teller!

But then, I started running out of audiences to narrate my countless travel adventures. And I wondered how an eager beaver, chirpy story-teller like me could find an enormous set of people to recount those sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes eccentric encounters. Well, in good time I realized that there was no other way I could narrate my tales to the world unless I started penning them down in black and white. And that’s how #TravelwithArchie was born.

I would love to claim that I quit my job to travel and become a travel blogger. But no, that’s not true. Quitting and moving to the United States was a natural progression. My jaunts never stopped since I was a kid. I was a complete workaholic; and yet, I made sure I satiated my wanderlust even during my extensive travels on work. I always found the perfect excuse to make some time to see a sight, learn about a new cuisine, or just get a quick tour of a new place, and so on and so forth. In fact, while I was studying at INSEAD, I ensured that I saw as much of Europe as I possibly could.

I never really needed to quit to travel. I truly believe that the traveler in you ensures contentment one way or the other.

Archie on Grand Canal - Venice

Archie on Grand Canal – Venice

I love calling myself a vagabond! A crazy girl who dreams about places and then travels there to see how they look and feel in the real world. Would you like to borrow my wings for a while and see the world from my lens?

Come, travel with me….

Archie in the Field!

Archie in the Field!

Love, Archie