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An old house in Zachary - Courtesy - Google
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Zachary: The best kept secret in Louisiana

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Road trips enlighten you a lot. My husband and I were driving towards New Orleans for participating in the world famous Mardi Gras, and noticed the city of Zachary in the East Baton Rouge area of Louisiana State in the United States during the drive. It was 16 miles towards the north of the beautiful city of Baton Rouge. Being named one of the 10 Safest Cities in Louisiana by recently, Zachary is extremely proud to have achieved this status, which is the result of the sheer hard work of the outstanding police department which proactively works with residents and businesses to ensure a vibrant, safe community for all to call home.

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The high life in Zachary

The city of Zachary is considered a leader due to its quality of life, its societal and educational opportunities and the many amenities that it offers its residents. The economic and convenience advantages make it a number one place to live, because the Zachary experience features a high quality of life that is enjoyed by all its residents.  More than anything else there is a sense of community in the city. The friendly, helpful neighbors, the security of living in low-crime neighborhoods, the peace of mind of having a first class medical center nearby, people working together to make a better city – is what makes Zachary a place people love to call home.

An old house in Zachary


Quick History of Zachary

Most of the land that the city of Zachary now occupies was part of a 160-acre farm owned by Darel Zachary (similar story of the very many cities in the Unites States as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts). Zachary sold his land to the Illinois Central Railroad in the 1880s, who then built a track and a depot on it. A village quickly blossomed around the depot and was christened ‘Zachary’ after the original farmer and the city got incorporated in 1889. The city has since seen ups and downs including a fire that destroyed much of the city in 1903. Today, the ‘historic village’ at the center of the city is composed of buildings which either survived the fire, or were built shortly after it. But today Zachary’s conservative, straight-laced image is nothing like the Zachary of the 1880s and 1890s, which had a Wild West reputation and six barrooms along Main Street.

Fun things to do in Zachary

Any visitor or resident has a good time in Zachary, thanks to the annual Chamber of Commerce Sporting Clays Event, Zachary Bed Races, The Gleaux Run, Fall Art Crawl, Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Christmas In The Village, Zachary Christmas Parade or the numerous year-round youth sports activities at the city-owned Zachary Youth Park. There’s something here in store for everyone!

Youth Park

The Zachary Youth Park Complex is a popular place, located on Mt. Pleasant Road. It provides facilities for baseball, softball for children, picnic areas, as well as a half-mile walking track and it also features turfed fields.  The Zachary Youth Park hosts more than 16 tournaments and showcases events yearly.

BREC’s Flonacher Road Park

BREC’s Flonacher Road Park is a new and huge 175-acre site developed by BREC. Located in the northern area of Zachary, the park includes a soccer complex, a recreation center, recreation paths, fishing pond, picnic area and shelters, playground, basketball court and a disc golf course. It also features pristine wooded areas and vast open spaces.

Water Sports

Other areas of interest in and around Zachary include Bennett’s Water Ski and Wakeboard School, located on Barnett Road. This school draws water ski and wakeboard students from all over the world to its year-round facility. Bennett’s also hosts regional and national water ski competitions. Tri-Lakes, the home of Bennett’s Water Ski and Wakeboard School plays host to the NCWSA National Collegiate Water Ski Championships. It’s the perfect haven for water sports lovers.


The East Baton Rouge Library has a popular branch in Zachary on Church Street, where programs and educational activities are regularly presented.

And that’s all from me on Zachary. This post also concludes the A to Z Blogging Challenge on Travel with Archie. For me, it was an exhilarating fun journey, traversing the roads less travelled and re-traveling those which I was lucky to tread upon. But most of all, it is due to the readers that this month long excursion through the beautiful of country was even more satisfying and delightful. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am here only because of your constant motivation and encouragement. Need I say more?

Will be back to my normal routine from the month of May, taking you along with me on my various adventure trips! Until then have a great time.

Love, Archie




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